Private Services

There may be situations where you need or prefer to use a private aged care provider.

This could be when you’ve had an assessment of your care needs through My Aged Care and:

  • Are not found to be eligible for Australian Government-subsidised aged care services, or
  • Are found to be eligible but are waiting for funded services to become available.

What is the difference between privately funded and government-funded services?

Private aged care services are not subsidised or regulated by the Australian Government. You will have to pay the full cost to access these services, whatever your care needs or financial situation.

Government-funded aged care services are regulated by the Australian Government, and the cost of these services is subsidised to make the help you need more affordable. You will need an assessment of your care needs to find out if you are eligible to access these services.

What do privately funded services include?

Services in your home

There is a range of private services available to help you in your home, if needed. These include gardening, cleaning, transport, and health and therapy services. These are not regulated by the Australian Government.

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