Government Funded Fees

Federal Government Subsidised Home Care Funding options are determined on an individual basis following an Aged Care Assessment. Home Care Packages are available in four care levels, determined by Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The levels come with a set level of annual funding, which can be allocated to provide the support services needed for Home Care Package Service Fees.

Government Fund Fee
For light gardening ask for an individual quote.

The Minimum Service Charge is 30 minutes, all services will be billed in 15 minute blocks thereafter.

Other Fees and Charges

Other Fees

Care Management

Care Management is an Essential Component of every Home Care Package as this ensures you receive the appropriate high level of support that meets your current and future needs. Our staff will work with you to setup your Care Service Plan aligned with your Personal Needs and Individual Goals within your package budget, coordinating your care schedules and services with you. Your Care Plans and Services will be regularly reviewed to ensure you receive the optimum service for your needs.

Package Management

The Package management fee covers the costs of administering your Home Care Package including:

  • Management of your Package Funding
  • Preparation of Monthly Statements
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance

Income-Tested Fees and Basic Daily Fees

These fees are controlled by the government and include:

  • Basic Daily Fee- This is currently capped at a maximum of 17% of the Aged Pension, or $9.44-$10.54 per day depending on your package level. You can choose to pay this fee as part of the fees, depending on the level of care and support you require.
  • Income-Tested Fee- This is determined by the Department of Human Resources based on your assessable income. This will not include the value of your home or other assets.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your service, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise a cancellation fee may occur.

External Providers

External services and equipment providers can be engaged on your behalf for a 10% processing fee, this will ensure quality and safety monitoring of these services.

Travel Costs

There are no travel costs incurred for us to come to your house. Travel costs occurring during your support visits will be charged at $0.80 per km.

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