Questions to ask when looking for a Home
Care Package provider

For Information regarding Package Services :
Guide to Home Care Package Services
Guide to Commonwealth Home Support Programme Services


What is unique, or better, about your home care service?

  • WA Disability and Aged Home Care Services Incorporated is a not for profit organisation.
  • Our head office is based in Mandurah CBD, Western Australia. Public transport is nearby.
  • We provide home care and additional support services to all members of our diverse community.
  • Our private fee-paying care is available 24/7, immediately, to anyone who wants some extra support to continue living independently at home and enjoy the things they feel passionate about. Note: there is no waiting period or assessment involved.
  • Some of the Services we offer are Personal Care, Companionship, GP visits, Private Appointments, Transport, Social Outing, Medication Prompts, Domestic assistant, Housekeeping tidy up, Home Safety Checks and Meal preparation.
  • Our bilingual Staff speak various languages and understand cultural differences.
  • Our Support care is available 24/7 according to our clients/members needs.

How long has the organisation been providing home care services?

  • Our Organisation was founded in 2017.
  • We have brought together a team of exceptional professional people with years experience and knowledge providing extra ordinary care to members of our community.

Care services

How can you guarantee that I will have the same care worker who will support me or the person that I care for?

  • We will do our utmost to ensure our members have the same care workers matched to their individual needs.
  • We understand just how important it is to have someone that you can relate to, understands you and provides you with the care you need.

Do you have your own care staff or do you use sub-contractors?

  • Yes, we do have our own care staff.

Can you provide staff who speak a particular language?

  • Yes, we can, our bilingual staff speak various languages.

What are your hours for providing services?

  • Our spread hours for carers are from 7am to 7pm daily. Times outside these hours will attract higher fees, however the hours of service are defined by our clients/members specific needs and wants.
  • Overnight/weekend care support 24/7 can be arranged as required.

Can you provide overnight support?

  • Yes, we can provide overnight and /or weekend care support which can be tailored to our member’s needs and wants as requested.


Can you guarantee qualified, experienced and caring staff?

  • Yes, we can provide qualified and compassionate staff.
  • WA Disability and Aged Home Care Staff are qualified, experienced and caring professionals who meet all the required government standards in Aged and Disability Home Care.
  • An essential characteristic our carers possess is responsibility, combined with a caring nature that ensures our clients and members are happy, settled and secure.
  • Being flexible, supportive and establishing a good relationship with our members.
  • Understanding how imperative it is that respect is given to our client’s needs, wants, feelings and privacy.
  • Being Compassionate and extremely patient to establish a bond with our members.

How do you check for quality of delivery by your staff?

  • We assess the quality delivery of our staff through the following process. The implementation of service management systems in place (e.g) Member’s feedback forms, monitoring/training programs, fostering strong client/member’s relationship in line with our overall vision strategy, our goals as part of our everyday business operational outcome.

What do I do if I have a complaint about the quality of the service I am receiving?

  • If you have a complaint about the quality of the service that you are receiving speak to our administration team in the first instant to reach a positive outcome.

How do you obtain and use feedback from your clients?

  • Our clients/members are encouraged to contact us with feedback through phone calls, emails, customer feedback forms and members surveys. This assists us to continually provide improvements to our service of care to you.

Have you had any recent sanctions or notices of non-compliance?

  • No, we have not had any recent sanctions or notices of non-compliance.

What process do you have in place if I want to request a change of care worker?

  • We do have a process in place if you wish to request a change of care worker all you do is contact our office and speak to our friendly administration team.

Are there any notice periods or cost implications if I were to do this

  • No there is no cost implications if you need  to do this.

How much will each service that i need cost? What is the care management cost for my home care package level? What services are included as part of the care management costs? Do you charge for package management? If so, what is included and how much does it cost? Would you charge and exit amount if i were to cancel my service arrangement with you and if you do, how much does it cost? What other costs should i be aware of?

  • For all enquiries regarding fee And costing charges please contact our friendly administration team or visit our office for more information.


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