About Us

WA Disability And Aged Home Care Services Incorporated, provides a complete care package to ensure the valued members of our community live a positive life ensuring the safety and well being of our clients, fostering independence and enhancing strengths.
Our team of dedicated carers, professionals and volunteers  will provide individualised personal home care support in addition to cleaning, cooking, gardening, maintenance, shopping, taking you to an appointment, or simply calling in for a chat.
We have multicultural diverse active support programs for both seniors and people with special needs, providing avenues of participation throughout the community.
Utilising the vast knowledge, skills and experience from our Management Team we provide active mentoring programs for the local community.

  • Dedicated and Qualified Care Staff
  • Coordinators
  • Therapists
  • Professionals/Support Staff

Programs Available Are:

  • Disability Support Services
  • Aged Home Care Services
  • Private Services
  • Emergency Care
  • Respite Care

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